Experience the validating sense that comes from being who you are without compromising.  Ingredients of personal style should reflect the various expressions of self . Beltane Moon's primary focus is to bring you a diverse selection of jewelry and art that reflects elements of your personality. In combining these defining factors, we extract your unique essence giving you a shameless platform in which to express your individuality. 

Don't know much about jewelry or art selection? That's OK! Beltane Moon will help guide you on your journey to becoming more YOU.

The Expert

7/16" limeaid green plugs

10 gauge  horn Captive Bead Rings

Body Jewelry & Art

Beltane Moon believes YOU are the expert on informing the world who you are. Because Beltane Moon recognizes diversity, we support your self-expression and want to know all about what makes you tick.   We're proud of our knowledge about jewelry, art and expertise in making customers happy. Visit Beltane Moon, and together we will create a fascinating aura of mystery and style. Let's get this started!


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